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Where to Find the Book

The Moon Handbook to Nicaragua was a bigger hit than any of us ever imagined. The first edition, published in 2003, was expected to sell about 8000 copies; instead it sold over 18,000. The second edition, published in November 2006, sold over 2000 copies in the first two months it was on the shelves. Here's where you can purchase it.

In the USA

In the States, you can purchase the Moon Handbook and its companion book Living Abroad in Nicaragua at any Borders Bookstore, Barnes and Noble Bookstore, or smaller chain stores plus most more reputable stores that carry travel guides. And of course you can find it on

In Nicaragua

In Nicaragua, you have several options, and the distribution network is growing every day.
In San Juan del Sur, visit El Gato Negro, a charming and comfortable English language bookstore located a stone's throw from the wide blue bay, offering all sorts of coffee drinks and fresh fruit juices, muffins, crepes, and big comfy chairs for reading in.


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