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It's Movember!

movember stache

It's Movember, folks, the month when we draw attention to prostate and testicular cancer. I'm joining a fundraiser campaign this year, and during the month of November will be raising funds to contribute to the scientific effort to find a remedy.

Interested in participating? Start growing that 'stache, gentlemen. Otherwise, check me out at my Movember Senegal Stache Team page and watch that '70s goodness grow! And kindly kick in a buck or two — our 21-person team is trying to raise a thousand bucks through the power of facial hair.

So where are we headed, anyway? Well, here, at least.

Maybe even here:

Kick up the Steely Dan, gents, warm up the Camaro, I'll just grab my bell bottoms. Hmm, maybe we won't take it that far.

Here we go: day one. day one

Day three: four: time to let the beast free.

Day twentysix: Mo Bro Mo Bros: Randy & Diego


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