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Into the Wild Spaces :: Living in Nicaragua

I am the co-author of Moon Living Abroad in Nicaragua, published by Avalon Travel Publishing. This book has been well received by expats, long-term visitors to Nicaragua, and retirees headed to warmer shores. The second edition, published in 2010, provided a much-needed update to politics and procedures, and remains the best way to get a handle on making Nicaragua your next home, especially since Ericka and I have gone through most of these challenges personally, from buying land to building a home, and more!
1st edition (2006) 2nd edition (2010)


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Moon Living Abroad in Nicaragua (official site).

Meet co-author Joshua Berman.

Recent Speaking Engagements

American University, Candida's World of Books (Washington DC), Peace Corps Group 40 (Nicaragua), Casa San Francisco (Granada, Nicaragua), Buenos Días Nicaragua (Managua, Nicaragua), Books and Books (Miami, FL).

Awards and Reviews

Best Place-based Guidebook of the year (, 2006)

Featured in Transitions Abroad Magazine.

Announcement of the 1st edition.

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