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New Editions

Moon Nicaragua, 4th ed. Living Abroad in Nicaragua, 2nd edition

I'm very pleased to announce an update to both books I co-author, Moon Nicaragua (now in its 4th edition) and Living Abroad in Nicaragua (now in its 2nd edition). As you can imagine, this was the product of a lot of field work, many late nights writing and editing, and a whole lotta blood, sweat, and tears. But I think these are the best editions ever! Read on for details.

Moon Nicaragua

The 4th edition of Moon Nicaragua represents the new phone numbering system that changed every number, nationwide, presents radically more detailed coverage of the Pacific coast, especially north of Leon, and provides a much-needed update to Granada and San Juan del Sur, two areas that are changing so fast it's a challenge to keep abreast of all the good news! Read more about Moon Nicaragua.

Living Abroad in Nicaragua

The 2nd edition of Living Abroad has been updated from cover to cover, and provides improved information on how to get your residency, hook up phone and internet, import your belongings, and make Nicaragua your home. We've provided up-to-date contact lists for shipping companies, customs expediters, and legal counsel to help you with your immigration paperwork, and totally reworked the Nicaraguan legislation that provides tax incentives for people investing in the tourism industry, retirees, and expats. We have also provided detailed information on the Coastal Law and how it affects you. Read more about Living Abroad in Nicaragua.

Look for both titles wherever you buy books; Moon Nicaragua will both be available the first week of September and Living Abroad will be available in early October. Look for the authors in the nearest hammock, taking a well-earned rest. And visit us at, already the Internet's primary resource for discussion about travel to and residence in Nicaragua.


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