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Moon Nicaragua, 3rd edition Now Available

I am extremely proud to announce the 3rd edition of Moon Handbook Nicaragua is already available for pre-order, and will be on the shelves of book stores everywhere shortly. When co-author Joshua Berman and I set out to write a guidebook to Nicaragua, we resolved to make it the book we’d have wanted to use ourselves when we first arrived in Nicaragua in 1998. To our great pleasure, our book has become just that - the authoritative voice on travel in Nicaragua and the best and most concise resource for planning trips throughout this increasingly popular travel destination.

The new edition has expanded information on the Atlantic Coast, and more specific advice on how, where, and when to travel. Find more detailed coverage of the phenomenal Río San Juan region, and background notes that bring the story of Nicaragua up to date with the new Ortega administration. Also looked for completely revised and updated listings for hotels, restaurants, and travel arrangements throughout the entirety of Nicaragua’s territory.

As for the cover, well, it’s a frog, symbolizing eco-tourism potential of this under-visited nation. Hop on over here to read more about the book and its history, and find links to where you can pre-order it. Otherwise, look for it soon at a book store near you.


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