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Movember 2.0

So it's November again – I mean Movember – and as this is potentially my last time participating in the drive to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer, I plan on going out in style. [No I don't have prostate cancer, just planning on doing something else next year].

So here we go! The rules state that on day one of November, you start clean and then grow a moustache over the course of the year. But that's boring! I played by the rules last year, and it took me all month just to get back to the amount of facial hair I usually sport. What's the fun in that?

This year it's going to be different. Read on!

For starters, I stopped shaving on September first, minus the obvious stuff to keep it looking neat and clean. That's one heck of a bushy, white beard I can grow these days. But I've also now got the longest moustache I've ever grown in my life. And this is where we're going to start: screw the rules. Secondly, I've got a friend bringing me out a little tin of moustache wax tomorrow, and I'm going to need it because this year I'm going for the whole thing. How many chances do you get in life to grow out a huge, handlebar, curled-at-the-ends lip-rug? Probably not many, unless you too married a woman with a kind heart and a lot of patience. Because let's face it, I look ridiculous already, and it's only day one.

The kids got into it immediately, and Valentina even made a moustache for Pendjari, who was rather hoping for a piece of bacon instead, though he did pose for the photo. Diego also got into the action, and I was happy to oblige with a magic marker.

This isn't going to be happening again folks, so enjoy it while it lasts. And please support the cause if you can, with a donation. Every single dime goes to research into prostate and testicular cancer.


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