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Into the Wild Spaces :: Moon Nicaragua

I am the co-author of the first 4 editions of Moon Handbook: Nicaragua, published by Avalon Travel Publishing. What a wild ride it's been. When I first traveled to Nicaragua in 1998, there was essentially no guidebook to buy: Moon Handbook had a few words in its Central America guide, and there was a slightly dated independent book printed near the end of the civil war. But mostly, we were on our own. Two years later, I decided to write one, and so did my buddy Josue. We were off.

Fast forward a couple of years and the book was a resounding success, published just as the Nicaragua tourist trade started to get noticed by mainstream press and Nicaragua went from secret destination to must-see destination for first backpackers and eventually upscale travelers as well!

1st edition (2001) 2nd edition (2003)
3rd edition (2005) 4th edition (2007)


The calendar of the 1st edition's researching, writing, and production.

A whimsical look at the authors' abode in 2000.


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Join us at GoToNicaragua for discussion, tips, and the latest news about travel to or life in Nicaragua, with a lively forum and lots of good advice.

Moon Living Abroad in Nicaragua (official site).

Meet co-author Joshua Berman.

Recent Speaking Engagements

American University, Candida's World of Books (Washington DC), Peace Corps Group 40 (Nicaragua), Casa San Francisco (Granada, Nicaragua), Buenos Días Nicaragua (Managua, Nicaragua), Books and Books (Miami, FL).

Awards and Reviews

Best Place-based Guidebook of the year (, 2006)

Featured in Transitions Abroad Magazine.

Announcement of the 1st edition.

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