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Review of the Logitech K380 and K580 Keyboards

I'm a fan of Logitech and their products, so when it came time to buy a new, wireless keyboard for my systems, I enjoyed checking out their latest: the K580 and K380 wireless keyboards. Here is my review:

Logitech K580 Wireless Keyboard

I've got a Chromebox, so when I saw they were producing a keyboard with all of Chrome's special keys, I was obviously going to get it. Chromeboxes come with cheap, wired keyboards with stiff keys. Upgrading to a 'real' keyboard made it a more enjoyable system to use, over all.


  • Smooth, easy keys
  • Absolutely silent
  • All the Chrome keys are there - lock, fullscreen, volume, brightness. Note two keys require a version of ChromeOS newer than 80-something, and didn't work on an older Chromebox.
  • Pairs with three devices, and the integrated dongle as always works better than Bluetooth does for wireless action
  • A nice weight, with rubber pads that make it stay in place
  • Thin and attractive, and easy to tuck away when done
  • I use it frequently with my cellphone, and it's a great device to whip out of a drawer, send a few emails using phone, and then put away. That makes it a device that keeps the house uncluttered


  • The keys are of a slightly slippery plastic, and all the same height with no sculpting. I find them a little slippery
  • The up and down keys are half size. I really hate that design choice
  • The control key is small. The larger control key has always been one of the things I like about Chrome. I recognize they use this same design for other products specialized for Windows and Mac, and how much money are you going to invest in a very small market, but I do miss the larger key. They've added in the new Google Assistant key, which I don't use.

Conclusion: Wouldn't want to use it to write a novel, but it's a great device for use with my phone and tablet and a lovely addition to the Chromebox.

Logitech K380 Wireless Keyboard

This thing is ridiculously inexpensive, so it was a risk-free experiment that ended well. I bought it imagining I'd use it mostly with phone and tablet over bluetooth, and that's turned out to be true.


  • The keys are lovely, even better than the more expensive K580. They are slightly rubbery and each key is sculpted. It's comfortable to type on
  • It's perfectly silent
  • It's low profile, compact and portable. That makes it easy to throw in a bag with my tablet if I want to do some work elsewhere, like in the library. It also tucks easily under the computer monitor on the desktop
  • It pairs with three devices via bluetooth, and is very fast to connect. I use it with phone, tablet, and my Chromebox with no trouble
  • It's ridiculously inexpensive


  • It doesn't have the Chrome special keys, although its media keys work perfectly with Android. You can manage a few of the Chrome shortcuts via the function key but they don't match the labels on the keycaps. So, this is really a better match for Android than for Chrome
  • It had some trouble with an older Chromebox but none with the newer one. I presume it's the older Chromebox's bluetooth. That's not really a con, just a note.

Conclusion: Cheap, comfortable to use, portable, and very effective. It matches Android perfectly, ChromeOS well enough.


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