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Strategies of Development: Indonesia and Malaysia 1960-present

This paper looks at two nations that developed economically according to very different paradigms from 1960 through the 21st century, and extracts lessons for developing countries looking for strategies for economic development. This paper was part of the SAIS I-Dev Final Integrating Seminar.

Download the paper in PDF format here.

Section Titles:

  1. Specific Policies
  2. Policies in the Four Aspects
  3. Social
  4. Economic
  5. Political
  6. Environmental
  7. Policies that Link the National and Local Levels
  8. Compatibility of policies with each other
  9. Import Substitution Industrialization 35
  10. Agricultural Expansion and Income Redistribution
  11. Crony Capitalism
  12. Investment in Education and Social Programs
  13. Foreign Direct Investment
  14. Population Control Through Family Planning
  15. To what degree did the policies fit known development models?
  16. Which model offers the most hope for development?


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