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Woodnotes Guide to the Mutt Email Client


I am a big fan of the Mutt email client on Linux/BSD and Mac OS X. It's a pleasure to use, but can be a devil to configure. So I wrote a 40 page Woodnotes manual by the name of "Using the Mutt Email Client" detailing how to configure and run Mutt as your email client. And amazingly, as of March 2010 well over 30,000 people have downloaded it.

If mutt has ever tempted you, this might help you figure it out. If Mutt has never tempted you, perhaps I can give you a sense why it's the single most useful piece of software I use on a daily basis.

Last revision: 2 December 2009.

Find it here (204 KB): (PDF | HTML | EPUB).

This document is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 licence..

Happy mailing, mutt fans!


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