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You can hardly miss Rome; all roads lead there. We found ourselves in Rome on purpose the first time, and by accident several times subsequently. Perhaps nowhere else in the country does one find such an omnipresent sense of history, not to mention history in the making. We walked the cobbled streets around the tattered old Colosseum, wondering what future generations would find left behind from our generation. This webpage won't be one of the artifacts, so enjoy it while you can.

These are some images from our several visits to Rome in 2003-2004:

Images of Rome

Vatican City

Vatican City, Detail

Vatican City, Detail

The Roman Colliseum

Interior of the Colliseum

Roman Forum

Outer Wall

The Trevi Fountain

Stained Glass
Vatican City

Vatican Museum


Amazingly, my Vatican picture (top left) was the number one image search result for "Vatican picture" for nearly two years and was mercilessly downloaded. Should have charged for it ... would the Pope approve?


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