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Vim will save you time by eliminating the need to take your hands off the keyboard in order to position the cursor by sliding those little scroll bars up and down with the mouse. Scrolling via the keyboard is immensely efficient.7 At a minimum, get used to the zz command, which will position the cursor and the line you're currently working on, in the center of the screen. Just don't confuse it with ZZ which is a shortcut for ``exit.''

Figure 6: Scrolling Relative to Document
\begin{figure}\begin{tabular}{ll} Scroll Direction and Amount &
Key \ \hline Li...
...l-d \ Full page up, down & control-b,
control-f \\
\end{tabular} \end{figure}

Figure 7: Scrolling Relative to Screen
Position Cursor on Screen & Key \\
...& zt \ In the middle & zz \\
At the bottom & zb \ \end{tabular} \end{figure}

Randall Wood 2009-08-04