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Changing Case

It's easy to select text and make it upper case, lower case, or title case. M-l converts to lower case the rest of the word starting at the cursor; M-u converts the rest of the word to upper case. C-x C-l and C-x C-u do the same thing, but for a region. The upcase-initials-region command is what word processors call title case, in which the first letter in each word is capitalized. Note that because the M-a keystroke navigates to the first word in a sentence, you can use it effectively in a macro that goes backward through a text, capitalizing the first word of each sentence.

Figure 14: Changing Case
Keystroke & Command/Function  \hline
...e region \\
(not bound) & upcase-initials-region \\

Randall Wood 2011-03-31