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Once you learn the keyboard shortcuts, you'll find they are far quicker than reaching for the mouse. Press C-f to move forward and C-b to move backward; C-n to move down to the next line and C-p to move up to the previous.

You can repeat any number of times by prefixing an argument with the command Control-u as follows. Let's say you want to move forward 8 characters. Enter control-u 8 control-f all in a row. We'll see the control-u command later in this document for other commands that require a number, like setting margins to a certain number or characters wide and so on. Emacs has commands to move the cursor by other units as well: by a word, to the beginning or end of the current line, by a sentence, and by a paragraph, as shown in Figure 4:

Figure 4: Cursor Movement
Entity to Move Over & Backward &
... C-e \\
Beginning/End of Buffer & M-< & M-> \\

Randall Wood 2011-03-31