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Into the Wild Spaces :: Colophon

This blog has been in existence since about 2001, when I started writing in Nicaragua. At first there were just three simple pages; I figured each time I had a new story I'd just replace one of the three. That idea went by the wayside close to immediately, and now it's a somewhat big site. As of October, 2014, there are just over 250 articles focusing on my travels and my interests in technology.

In case you have noticed there are no advertisements on this site, thank you. I plan to keep it that way. This is a labor of love, and other than giving me an opportunity to draw attention to my published books, I'm not attempting to SEO you, spam you, or show Google ads to you. I don't accept paid articles or guest posts, and don't mention any products unless I want to. This is not a commercial endeavor. If that makes you sad, don't worry, the rest of the WWW is stuffed with ads. Go hither!

I began building the site using Microsoft Frontpage (remember that one?) but quickly moved to custom, hand-written HTML which I learned wasn't all that hard. But in 2005 I had a complex-enough site to warrant moving to a content management system. It was Joomla from 2005 to 2013, and at that point I moved to Serendipity (S9Y) which I love.

The site has had a number of changes in masthead over the years; here they are:

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