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Shorebirds of Long Island

In 1995 I found myself – to my surprise – back in the Hamptons for a summer. And what a lovely summer it was.

With neither job nor job prospect, I spent a lot of late spring and early summer down on the shore armed with a pair of binoculars and the good sense to stay quiet. Here's some of what I saw pecking around at the edge of the Atlantic:

  1. Common tern
  2. Plovers: semipalpated
  3. Dowitcher - Longbilled, short billed
  4. Yellowlegs - Greater, lesser
  5. Upland Sandpiper
  6. Sandpipers: spotted, purple, western, least, semi-palmated
  7. Great Egret
  8. Glossy Ibis
  9. Blackbellied Plover
  10. Ruddy Turnstone
  11. Piping Plover
  12. Willet
  13. Dunlin
  14. Black Skimmer
  15. Common Tern
  16. Little Tern (Least Tern)
  17. Osprey


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