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Moon Nicaragua 2nd edition published

I'm happy to report the 2nd edition of our best selling guidebook to Nicaragua, Moon:Nicaragua, is now on the shelves of major bookstores around the nation, including Barnes and Noble, Borders Bookstore, and others, not to mention online at

Or visit the book's official web page:

You might have heard the 1st edition sold an astonishing 18,000 copies. That's a heck of a lot of travelers to a little place like Nicaragua. Kudos go first to the Nicaraguan entrepreneurs who are fighting for their piece of the pie and slowly but surely turning Nicaragua into an exciting and dynamic travel destination. Josue and I are proud to see our book has helped a lot of folks 'discover' a place we feel strongly about.

The drastically-reorganized and painstakingly updated 2nd edition is already a huge hit. It's been reorganized and redesigned to meet the needs of modern travelers, with travel tips, suggested itineraries, and a lot more.

Stay tuned for this popular book's successor: Living Abroad in Nicaragua, a guide for the would-be expat to Nicaragua. It is undergoing rapid development as we speak and will be published in November 2006.


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