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Zeitgeist March 2006

As of mid-March 2006, browser statistics for this website are as follows:

Unknown: 30.17% (8050 hits)

Microsoft Internet Explorer: 27.31% (7293 hits)

Firefox versions 0.10 through 1.6 17.35% (4636 hits)

Mozilla 2.0 through 5.0: 16.7% (4287 hits)

Safari versions 85.8.1 through 417.9.2: 30.17% (1044 hits)

Opera versions 7.23 through 9.00: 2.21% (593 hits)

Konqueror versions 3.0 through 3.5: 1.4% (402 hits)

Netscape: 0.51% (143 hits)

Links versions 0.10.4 through 1.1.1: 0.2% (77 hits)

Wget versions through 1.10: 0.26% (73 hits)

Lynx versions 2.8.4 and 2.8.5: 0.29% (40 hits)

Galeon versions 1.3.20 through 2.0.1: 0.09% (17 hits)

W3M versions 0.3 through 1.4.4: 0.04% (11 hits)

Dillo: 0.01% (4 hits)

OmniWeb: 0.01% (4 hits)

Multizilla: 1 hit

Microsoft's ridiculously outdated and function-poor browser remains, not surprisingly one of the most common browsers accessing my site with the exception of the elusive "unknown" browser. It's intriguing that such a huge portion of the Internet should be so unidentified, but I read elsewhere that some firewalls block browser identification strings, and that might help explain the relatively large percentage of the mystery. Firefox is a major contender, happily, and all browsers in the Mozilla family, when added together (i.e., including both Mozilla itself and Netscape), provide an even more complete picture of Mozilla's presence on the Internet. I was disappointed to see the Opera browser so little used, since I prefer it above all other browsers, even on the Macintosh -- and especially on the Linux -- platform. But I was pleased to see some text-only browsers like Links and the venerable old Lynx (which I use regularly) with well over a hundred hits themselves.

Finally, I've decided to go check out Omniweb, since I enjoy the Omnigroup's other popular software, including OmniOutliner, a piece of software that goes unmatched for taking notes at lectures. And what the heck is Multizilla?


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