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Go To Nicaragua!

I am very happy to announce the launch of a very special project Josue and I have been working on all summer. It's, a website devoted to living in and traveling through Nicaragua.

The site is a very focused effort on gathering and hosting a community of thoughtful and socially conscious travelers and would-be expats, encouraging conversation, tip sharing, and commentary on Nicaragua. Josh Berman and I, authors of Moon Nicaragua and Moon Living Abroad in Nicaragua, are the hosts and sponsors.

A big part of the site is the user forum, where travelers can post questions and participate in meaningful conversation about travel in Nicaragua or making Nicaragua your home. The forum is moderated to ensure the conversation is mature, professional, and high quality. The authors monitor the site continuously to weigh in on important questions and provide tips.

Josue and I have responded to every single piece of author mail we received since the first edition of Moon Nicaragua hit the shelves in 2002. This is the moment to take those conversations public and help form a vibrant and helpful community of Nicaphiles like ourselves.

I could say more about the site, including how it was designed, but for now I'll let it speak for itself. Click here to take a look. Happy travels!


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